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Gamification experts at work
No doubts that gamification idea  sells well on the market.
We can see articles about games in education and research news about gamification engineering.Implementation examples all over the internet sites from lifehacker , yahoo to blogs and newsletters.
There is awesome course  about advanced gamification theory at coursera from scientists.There was super innovative conference into karlsruhe  and a lot of other  resources.

And of course awesome  solutions and  frameworks already developed for different platforms into healthcare, marketing,recruiting and hr areas by well know industry leading companies such as amazon, nike, zappos, salesforce,zynga,linkedin,yelp.

However there are different types of gamification implementations I noticed:
White type is solving users problems as result, wrong type of is used by enterprises to make you do what boss wants, and grey type that trying to implement win-win strategy.

Which types of gamifications do you see ? 


iPad Pomodoro timers

iPad Pomodoro timers

The following is a list of Pomodoro timer applications for iPad available in the Apple iTunes app store:
Name iTunes link Developer Website Description
Concentrate! timer itunes concentrate! link http://shimsite.com/ A sleek, general purpose timer that can be also be used for Pomodoro practice
Untime itunes link http://perceptor.nl/ A simple, all-purpose timer without Break capability
Egg Timer & Stopwatch egg-timer-stopwatch on itunes http://tod.fm/ An egg timer and stopwatch from a specialty software clock designer
Hocus Focus itunes link to hocus-focus vendor website A feature-heavy task management tool/Pomodoro timer.
Stoplight Clock itunes stoplight-clock link not available A simple, bright-colored timer without Break functionality

Pomodoro technique game for Mac OS X


Gamification part 2: working cycle or gold for work

When we start Pomodorium we see main application screen.This screen is showing timer (25:00) and  main statistic: 
poms: - amount of complete work cycles
avg/d - average work cycles per day
gold (100)- amount of gold

Before starting with gamification we should create list of things you are planning to accomplish (todo-list).
For me it will be to write these awesome posts :
1. write blogpost explaining character options
2. add description of game map and how to move through and what is the gamification goal
3. add more information about battle screen and battle tactics. 

Gold is very important in this game and the only way to get gold is to be productive and work on your tasks from to-do list.
Now to get gold I will have to select task from my todo list (I will be writing  post about character option screen)  and  click on Go button.
Timer starts counting minutes from 25 to 0 and I will be working on my task for 25 minutes.
When timer finished counting I will have a break and 25 'gold' will be added into main screen, now I have 125 gold.
Pomodoro timer and  Character screenAfter completing 25 minutes of work timer will be switched to 5 minutes break, so I can have 5 minutes break and when 5 minutes 
completed it will switch back to working mode and I will continue writing article and will get another 25 gold when completed.

In next post I will add information describing character screen.

How do you like application so far, is that too complex to play with ? 
Do you have any questions ? Please share your experience in comments !!!.


Gamification with pomodorium

Motivation is the key, and when there is the lack of motivation nothing else can replace it. And the only way to happy and painless completing something is to gain motivation. Gaining motivation is very individual thing, what works for somebody may not work for somebody else.

In most cases motivation problems appears for long term tasks when there is no immediate rewards. And gamification is awesome way to create immediate rewards and gain motivation to do something.

Pomodorium is personal gamification application designed to gamify work, education, workout or any other activity. Currently pomodorium can be installed on personal computer running Windows/Mac OS/Linux. Here is link on Installation instruction page:

Application based on time boxing principle - when working time is being separated into separated time periods . So whole rest process could be shown as 25 minutes work, 5 minutes rest , 25 minutes works , 5 minutes rest and so on. Working periods requires maximum focusing on task and counts only if whole period of time fully completed. Resting periods allows to take a quick break without switching to another task like checking email of web browsing.

How to get started with Pomodorium.

Questions: Have you tried to gamify work or writing or education before ?
Please share your experience into comments


List of Pomodoro Technique software

Pomodoro Technique software offers multiple ways to use this time-management approach in different devices. Some applications will run as applications based on web services, while others are native applications for desktop and mobile operative systems.
Since the pomodoro technique is based on time-boxing, it's required to have a timer (usually calculating 25/5 minutes intervals).


A range of software provide timers that differently implement the Pomodoro Technique for computer-based work or work where a computer or smartphone is at hand. Below is an incomplete list featuring some of these timers:
Website Platform Description
Pomodorium Win/Osx/Linux Timer with Role playing game based on pomodoro technique.
30-30 iOS Task-based time application that can do Pomodori and much more.
Eggscellent OS X / iOS Exclusively for OS X/iOS, integrates with reminders.
Everfocus iOS Pomodoro Technique app with flexible focus and break times and different color themes. For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Flowkeeper Win/Linux/OS X Written in Java, customizable.
FocusBooster Win/OS X/Online Customizable timer, built in Adobe AIR.
Grandfather Chrome extension Looks like a kitchen timer. Sounds like a grandfather clock.
KanbanFlow Online Combines the Pomodoro technique with the Kanban method.
myPomodoro Win/Linux/OS X Written in Java. Standalone. Implementation of Pomodoro Technique 1.3. Import/Export feature.
TeamViz Win/Osx Former PomodoroApp , has data-backups and sync features.
POmodoro techniqe Windows7 gadget Windows 7 Neat windows-gadget for Windows 7 operation system.
Matomato Online Cute animated pomodoro technique timer.
KeepForcused Windows Pomodoro timer with activity log.
Tomato-Timer Online Simple and effective online tomato timer
Pomodoro-Me Online Another online pomodoro technique timer, has desktop notifications.
StopWatch Pomodoro timer Online-Flash Online timer written in flash
Focustimeapp iOS Elegant pomodoro technique timer for iphone
Second part of the list here: